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Aquarium Lighting

These lights were designed with the public aquarium in mind. Apache Tech is the first company to design an LED array than can compete with the HIDs that are traditionally used to light these environments. The intensity is suitable for tanks as deep as 20 feet or for shallower tanks that require high light levels without generating the heat of conventional lighting sources. These lights are also suitable for large home aquariums.

The white lights (AT120W) is ideal for the freshwater planted aquarium or freshwater fish only tank.

The white/blue light combination (AT 120WB) comes in several color temperatures. The 8300K is ideal for fish only or macro algae production tanks. The 10K adds a little more blue and is ideal for fish only or bright reef tank applications. The 14K light has superior color rendition for deeper water reef aquariums. The 100% actinic is a wonderful complement for deepwater tanks.

Our aquarium line of LED arrays are designed with the professional aquarist in mind. These lights produce an incredible 120 lumens per watt with less than 1/6 the waste heat. This means that most of the energy you are consuming is going toward light, not generating heat, and therefore dramatically decreases the heat load on your aquatic environment and decreases the demand and draw on your chiller or other cooling systems. This decreases the the two largest consumers of power with your aquarium: the lights and the chiller, while maintaining high light levels. It is easy to have your investment in our LED arrays repaid in less than 2 years with the energy savings provided by our arrays.