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Growth Chamber & Grow Tent Lighting - There are 8 products.

Growth Chamber & Grow Tent Lighting

These lights were designed to replace HID lighting in growth chambers and grow tents. Growers in these environments are always struggling with removal of heat from their plants. In growth chambers, chillers are sized to maintain a steady, cool temperature for the plants, but this comes at the cost of incredibly high energy bills as the chiller is constantly trying to remove all the excess heat produced by traditional lighting sources, while the grow tent grower needs to have the environment constantly circulated and dumped out causing an inordinate loss of CO2 and consumption of activated carbon. The AT series of LED arrays offer a solution to those issues.

These lights were designed as a replacement for 600W HID lighting in growth chambers. The AT 120W provides exceptional color rendition and has a similar CRI to metal halide lamps. Our AT 120RB is a red and blue combination of LEDs and follows the typical LED color arrangement that matches the action spectra for plants. Our new array AT120RW is unique in the LED world. This array has a CRI similar to standard high pressure sodium lighting and light signature that is remarkably similar to the action spectra required by plants. Our AT series of LED arrays were designed with our colleagues at NASA/Ames Research Center in California. These arrays are being used in both controlled environments at NASA and in greenhouses at the prestigious Stanford University.

Our Growth Chamber/Grow Tent LED arrays were designed with the professional grower in mind. these lights produce an incredible 120 lumens per Watt and use approximately 80% less power than HID lamps that produce the same intensity.

- Return on Investment is accomplished, in most cases, in less than 1 1/2 years

- utilizes approx. 80% less energy for the same instantaneous photon flux (PPF)

- decrease maintenance costs. LEDs are guaranteed to last approx. 6 years, whereas HID lamps should be replaced annually and are expected to last no longer than 2 years. *note, that many HID lamps might still be burning after 2 years, the amount of useable light as diminished so much that makes them virtually useless for plant growth.

- decreased heat signature, heat is produced by all lighting sources and is a product of electrical energy conversion to light. Therefore, the production of heat is wasted energy. Some greenhouses may rely on the excess heat produced by there lamps to help heat a greenhouse environment, but this is a expensive way to accomplish that. It is much more cost effective to utilize a light source that is efficient in producing light and utilize a gas driven heat generation system to heat the environment.