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Warehouse Lighting - There are 3 products.

Warehouse Lighting

A "green solution" to illuminate your large spaces.

While or lights were originally developed for controlled environments and greenhouses, the CRI and the high lumen output make them ideal candidates to replace lighting in large warehouse and factory environments. One of the largest energy consumers in large spaces is the need for high output lighting. The drawback of traditional lighting is the high energy cost associated with traditional lighting and the maintenance involved with annual replacement of lamps and frequent replacement of transformers and capacitors. Traditional lighting sources, HIDs and fluorescent bulbs, contain mercury and other exotic elements and require disposal as a hazardous waste, LEDs are solid state and have no toxic elements to contaminate our environment and have a lifespan 6-10 times as long as the traditional light sources.

Apache Tech warehouse applications with their LEDs can save upwards of 80% of lighting electrical bill and cut annual maintenance costs to almost 1/6th. Building owners can see a ROI in less than 1 1/2 years.

2.need a new category in both growth chamber and greenhouse sections. AT120RW
This is a red white light with two combos 2:1 and 3:2