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Global lighting solutions for People, Plants and the Environment

Apache Tech LED has developed the highest output and most energy efficient LED plant growth light in the world today, achieved with its active and growing participation in all the major aspects of the industry.

Apache Tech LED has the experience to deliver the highest quality, highest output LED’s on the market today for plant growth and development. We have a team of highly trained engineers and scientists that have dedicated the time to develop a light that meets the rigors and demands of the researchers at NASA.

Apache Tech LED serves the indoor, controlled environment and greenhouse lighting sectors in aerospace, agriculture, education, and the research and development markets, where it brings its state of the art design, engineering and production capabilities directly to it’s customers, both commercial and private.

Apache Tech LED scientists and engineers have been working and developing LED lighting technologies for institutions like NASA since 1991. With this much time in the market, the technical information gathered, and a strong push from the industry, Apache Tech LED successfully developed a light for personal and commercial applications which became publicly available in early 2011.

LEDs Circa 1992

Our founders were experimenting with LEDs to grow plants in the 1990’s, well before most of the LED companies even existed.  

We were around then and will be around tomorrow.

Apache Tech LED is a company dedicated to global lighting solutions and has remained true to that vision. The company started out by selling and installing high efficiency electronic ballasts for commercial applications such as streetlights, warehouse lighting and greenhouse supplemental lighting. Apache Tech LED has always looked toward the future of lighting and invested in LED technologies in the early stages and has had several lights in research institutions, but until recently the LED technologies available did not meet the requirements of the customers that required high output lighting.

The company is located in the USA and the LED arrays are engineered and built in our San Jose, CA factory. Apache Tech LED has a strong team of design and electrical engineers, lighting scientists, and plant physiologists as well as a dedicated team of business and marketing personnel and a large workforce of qualified assemblers.

Apache Tech Factory

Return on Investment (ROI) can be expected in less than one year with the Apache Tech LED lighting systems. Our AT series LED arrays offer a light source that has equal photonic outputs to 600 watt and 1000 watt HID lighting options while drawing a fraction of the electrical power. Couple that with a light that has an average operational lifespan that is more than 6 times longer than most HIDs. This decreases the replacement costs and disposal of hazardous light bulbs and therefore decrease the annual maintenance cost significantly.

Apache Tech LEDs at Stanford

Apache Tech LED makes a very eco-friendly, sustainable and energy efficient products. The arrays are significantly brighter than any fluorescent tubes, including VHO’s, and brighter then currently available metal halide or high pressure sodium lights.

  • The light housing and patented heat sink is made from recycled aluminum.
  • The Apache Tech LED chips have and average working life of over 50,000 hours, which is greater than 60 % longer than most HID lighting.
  • The Apache Tech LED array is as much as 80% more efficient than traditional high output HID lighting.
  • Contains no hazardous mercury compounds that are found in CFL’s and HID’s.
  • High energy transfer coefficient, means very little waste heat and much safer for the user
  • Energy Star certification is in progress.
  • UL approved and listed
  • Installation available
  • Warranty Information

With our extensive background in the market, our sophisticated workforce and our patented high output, incredibly energy efficient light, we look forward to serving you and providing you with a light that will meet your demands.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at info@apachetechinc.com

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