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CE Certified
UL Listed
ETL Listed


  • Direct replacement for 1000W HPS/MH lighting
  • Customizable spectrum
  • Combination lens option for ideal coverage area
  • AT600L’s high power great for greenhouse benches
  • On/off or controllable options
  • High PAR output, more than a 1000W DE HPS
  • Operating Temperature <100°F/38°C
  • 110-240V, 277V (Special Order) and 480V (Special Order) options available

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5 Year Limited Warranty
Apache Tech - Made In The USA

The AT600L is our new state-of-the-art high output LED array. Utilizing only 700 watts of energy, this light has a footprint designed for narrow (3’ x 6’ ) grow areas and a PAR output that exceeds a 1000W HID. This light is a direct replacement for all 1000W HIDs and incorporates our unique and patented color spectrum that includes our multi-spectral white chips. Many color combinations are available to suit your growing needs and requirements.

AT600L’s are the main light that indoor vegetable and herb growers have been using to increase their yields and turn-around times for all crops in larger grow areas.

Long term growth studies utilizing Apache Tech LED lights with multiple crops have shown increased growth and yields as well as additional improvements in desired chemical and physiological aspects of the targeted crops.

  • A true 1 to 1 replacement for 1000 watt HID lighting
  • 3 x 6’ foot print
  • Overall energy savings and utilizes approx. 80% less energy for the same instantaneous photon flux (PPF)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) close to 1 ½ years post purchase
  • Spectral stability due to solid state dynamics of LED technology
  • Energy savings on cooling all Apache Tech LED AT series lights run at 95-105˚F, drastically decreasing the need for cooling systems also the added benefit of cooler leaf temperatures
  • Increased production/yield and marked improvement in desirable compounds of certain crops
  • 50,000+ actual working hours with a projected 2% degradation over a ten (10) year period
  • On-board ballasts with plug and play capabilities
  • A wide range of spectrums are available to suit all growing conditions and plant requirements
  • UL listing
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Apache Tech AT600L is the best large format light for your grow operation.

LED Specifications
Total LED Quantity


LED Chip Brand


Lifetime Hours


Driver Specifications
Quantity of Drivers

4 or 8

Driver Brand


Microprocessor Control


Circuit Protection

Yes: Open / Short

Over Temp Protection


Voltage Protection

Yes: Over / Under

IP Rated


AC Input


Safety Certification


Product Specifications
Dimensions-IN (L x W x H)

48 x 13.5 x 5

Operating Voltage

110-240V, 480V (Special Order)

Voltage Range (VAC)


Lamp Wattage


Amp Draw 110V

5.6 A

Amp Draw 240V

2.9 A


(umol m-2 s-1)

4 Feet


6 Feet


8 Feet


Build Life Expectancy




Net Weight (LBS.)

48.3 lbs

AT600-650 chose spectrum or use MICRO·GROW™ controller *

100% White

Apache Tech 100% White Spectrum is a perfect fit for greenhouse supplemental lighting and for use in greenhouses the grower is interested in day length extension, vegetative growth and/or propagation.

Apache Tech 100% white (6100K) spectrum CIE 1931
Apache Tech 100% white (6100K) spectrum CIE 1931

Apache Tech White/Red 1 (4:1) ratio of white to red chips is ideal for greenhouse, controlled environment applications where grower is looking to add a little more red to spectrum while maintaining a good red/blue balance.

Apache Tech White/Red (4:1) WR1 spectrum CIE 1931
Apache Tech White/Red (4:1) WR1 spectrum CIE 1931

Apache Tech White/Red 2 (3:2 ratio of white to red chips) is ideal for greenhouses and controlled environment applications where grower is looking to increase the amount of red light to simulate a closer to sunlight application.

Apache Tech White/Red 2 (3:2) WR2 Spectrum CIE 1931
Apache Tech White/Red 2 (3:2) WR2 Spectrum CIE 1931
Blue / White 4:1

Apache Tech Blue/White (4:1) ratio of blue to white chips is ideal for aquarium lighting and coral propagation.  This will add a significant amount of blue light into the water, making corals “glow” while maintaining a good white balance to see fish and invertebrates well.

Apache Tech Blue/White (4:1) WB3 Spectrum CIE 1931
Apache Tech Blue/White (4:1) WB3 Spectrum CIE 1931
Blue / White 4:1

Apache Tech 50/50 Blue/White (10000K)
Blue light spectrum is widely responsible for increasing plant quality – especially in leafy crops. It promotes the stomatal opening – which allows more CO2 to enter the leaves. Blue light drives peak chlorophyll pigment absorption which is needed for photosynthesis.

100% Blue

Apache Tech All Blue chips is ideal for deep water blue tanks, This will highlight corals that fluoresce exceptionally well.  Makes for a dimly lit (to the human eye) experience. Corals will “glow”.

Apache ALL Blue Coral Spectrum
Apache ALL Blue Coral Spectrum

* MICRO·GROW™ controller sold separately. Many other spectrums available, please send inquiry to

PAR reading in µm m-2 s-1 using a Apogee MQ-210 Quantum sensor calibrated LED

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